What’s With All The “Freaking Genius” Talk??

What’s With All The “Freaking Genius” Talk??

Hello, My Name is Freaking Genius

Hello, My Name is Freaking GeniusYou are all thinking it, so I am just going to come out and say it… What’s with the name?? I get that a lot and it is a fine story, so sit back, gather the children and let me tell the tale…

One fine sunny day in Phoenix (they’re all sunny) my bride and I were leaving the gym talking about the best title for my upcoming book (should be out Jan 2015) and we were trying to capture the angst of the modern day small business owner.

Words were spoken, ideas were bandied about and one of us blurted out “I’m a freaking genius, why don’t I have more money?” After a brief debate over the ability to use the word “freaking” in a book title we agreed that that phrase captured where the business owners we wanted to serve were living and the legend began. As far as the logo, we just thought the Einstein light bulb guy looked cool. Comment and let me know what you think of the name and the logo- be nice!!


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