103: Loren Brill: The Power of Taking Your HEALTH Into Your Own Hands!!!

Today’s genius is Loren Brill. Loren is the founder & CEO of Sweet Loren's, an award-winning all natural cookie and cookie dough company. Loren overcame cancer at a young age, which was the ultimate impetus for creating recipes that were based on wholesome and real ingredients with the goal of changing the sweets and snacks industry into one with better-taste and better-for-you ingredients. Loren has appeared on NBC's Today Show, a Microsoft's Small Business Ad, and was was voted Top Entrepreneur by Marie Claire and one of 15 Hottest Rising Female Stars of 2015 by Women's Business Journal. you can connect with Loren at sweetlorens.com.
In today's conversation we discuss:
  • Find an advisor that you look up to and keep them close
  • Unrefined. Unprocessed. Easier for your body to digest!
  • There is opportunity everywhere you just have to be ready for it
  • When you buy food you're really voting for that brand to stay on the shelf

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