106: Mario Brown: Making BIG Money with Low Ticket Items

Mario Brown Moved to Ecuador when he was 27 years old. After about 7 months he was running out of money and decided to go to the United States and the cheapest ticket from Ecuador to the US is a flight to Miami. He arrived at the Miami Airport with nothing but his backpack, 500 bucks to his name and a dream of making it big in the United States. After a couple of weeks of watching movies on his laptop he decided to make better use of his time and Googled: ‘How to make money online’! Mario published his first report on the Warrior forum and made his first real money online, generating $2,000 within 7 days and from that moment on he was hooked. Since then he’s moved on to making high 5 figures now every month
In today's conversation we discuss:
  • Low ticket items
  • What you need to know to go BIG
  • Why filling events js like going to war
  • How to wrangle with hotels for live events

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