100: Shari Alexander: How to Judge LESS and Influence MORE

Today’s genius is Shari Alexander. Shari is a persuasiveness coach known for bringing the "dark arts" of influence into the light. She has built her career as a speaker, writer, trainer and coach by revealing powerful secrets behind conversational influence. She has personally learned the best persuasive triggers and techniques from master influencers, including CIA field agents, hostage negotiators, con-artists, interrogators, trial attorneys, mentalists, undercover law enforcement, and even pick-up artists. Her mission is to put these powerful skills in the hands of entrepreneurs and leaders so that they can effectively be a positive influence in their businesses and lives. You can connect with Shari at www.shari-alexander.com.
In today's conversation we discuss:
  • Observe- Connect- Influence
  • Learn to be curious without judging
  • The lack of judgement and the increase of compassion is the most important path
  • Observe for VIBES. Values. Identifier. Beliefs. Emotional Triggers. Secret Goals & Dreams

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