Use This Copywriting Formula and Dominate Your Niche!

Use This Copywriting Formula and Dominate Your Niche!

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Copywriting formula to dominate your niche…Bold claim…Indeed- but luckily geniuses,you are dealing with a professional here and I am going to back it up! Don’t believe me? That makes me sad…but lets hear what Dan Kennedy ( has to say about this copywriting formula:

“When you understand that people are more likely to act to avoid pain than to get gain, you’ll understand how powerful this first formula is… It may be the most reliable sales formula ever invented.

Sorry to have to pull out the big guns on you, but had to make sure you are on board and paying attention!! Today we are going to talk about a tried and true copywriting formula that you can use to dominate your niche!!

Problem – Agitate – Solve

Beautiful and genius all at once in it’s simplicity. Let’s take a look at each step:

Problem- This is the key to the whole operation. If your audience doesn’t have an identifiable problem, you do!! The most important thing to a restaurant is not great food, clean restrooms and fast service- it is HUNGRY PEOPLE!!

The first step in the process is to get in front of people with a problem.

No problem = No pain = No sale.

Not only do you need to find an audience with a problem, you need to get their minds off of the other 12 things they are doing so they can give you their full attention. To do this, you want to focus their mind onto the problem. Not very nice of you, but ever so effective…

An excellent way to get people’s attention and focus it on a particular problem is with a well crafted question:

“Sick and tired of feeling like less of a man because of a stupid thing like hair loss?”

“Time to stop feeling like crap and breathing heavy just to do ordinary everyday tasks?”

“Why are you still bored out of your skull sitting in front of your TV when you could be downloading our fun free app?”

Rookie Move: Assume that the bald guy wants hair

Freaking Genius Move: Understand that he wants to feel like a man and be attractive to the opposite sex

Rookie Move: Assume your reader wants to lose weight

Freaking Genius Move: Understand that he also wants to be attractive to the opposite sex and have the ability to live life and be active without worrying about the embarrassment his body causes in public.

Super Genius Ninja Bonus: Pain inducing questions work great on Social Media as well…

Now-  you have got the attention of someone with a real live problem and thanks to you, they are now focused on said problem. What’s a copywriter to do? Stick a hot poker in their eye of course! Welcome to the harsh reality of the agitate step. Your job is to really make that person feel awful. Move that problem from a small annoyance in the back of their head to the number one issue in their life that they absolutely must solve now! Examples:

“Wondering how many people are snickering behind your back every time you leave the house without your ball cap is no way to live! Put an end to people adding 10 years to your age in their minds because of your bald spot!!”

“Your family deserves the real you, can play with your kids and not die young due to obesity”

Admittedly, those might be a little harsh, but I wanted to “turn them up” so you get exactly what I am talking about. Mildly annoyed people do not reach for their wallet, and those in real pain don’t even ask about the price!!

Seeing as you are a completely decent human being, you probably have not enjoyed putting your fellow human beings in pain. The next step is for you. Once you have gotten the reader focused on the problem and agitated it properly, you and your product/ service can swoop in and save the day- hello solution!

The key to all three of these steps is to get inside of your customers head and join the conversation he is already having. As your prospect reads your words, they should be thinking “That is exactly how I feel- this guy gets me!”

Do you feel freshly equipped and empowered to write some niche dominating copy ? Fantastic!! Take your best shot and leave it in the comment box so Genius Nation can leave encouraging comments and suggestions to help you make it better!! I’ll even throw my two cents into the mix…


  1. Simon Davis says:

    It’s a really good idea. Always put out a “hook” question, then reel in your readers with your product!

  2. rspcaben says:

    Great blog guys 😉 keep up the great work Ben

  3. John Westlake says:

    It certainly makes sense to base what you put out there on what is needed.. But you put it into words that make sense financially. Good read!

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