Cheap or Free Genius Online Resources

Cheap or Free Genius Online Resources

Online Resources

Online ResourcesBeing a small business owner requires us to be so many different things at so many different times and it can be overwhelming trying to coordinate all of the skill sets that today’s entrepreneur needs. In my unending quest to love on, equip, grow and otherwise help out small business owners I put together this list of cheap or free online resources that can help you learn, manage, grow and otherwise become entirely more genius. These have brought value to my life and I am confident they will do the same for you- enjoy:

  • This is a great site not just for business owners but for curious minds of all sort- careful, you can get lost quick and before you know it 17 hours have flown by and you haven’t showered…
  • Many of you are probably familiar with this tool, but no online list would be complete without it. Free video conference, conference call, text chat, this bad boy does it all- you can even call a landline with it if you want to get a hold of 1998.
  • I know, I know, you already know about youtube, the time wasting, cute kitten sharing, my kid loves it website, but you may not be aware of all of the real life training available here. Want to know how to market your business? Fill out new hire paperwork? Rebuild an engine? It is all on youtube.
    • Advanced strategy: You can also post videos on youtube. Customer has a question, shoot a video answer and post it on youtube for all of your customers- you can even make an entire video FAQ. Iif you have a new product or service coming out, make a cool video on how to use it and put that bad boy on youtube- be creative and have fun with it!!
  • I LOVE Google Docs. It replaces Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for free and is stored online so you can share and collaborate with anyone from any computer anywhere. Can’t beat it!
  • This is a cool little tool I discovered years ago and have been enjoying it ever since. Alexa has all sorts of functions, but my favorite use is the toolbar. Just install it on your favorite browser (I’m a firefox man) and it will tell you the rank of any website you are on compared to every other website. You can also get top 500 websites in order and all sorts of genius info…
  • This is a great free tool you are going to want to install on your companies website. Once you do, it will keep track of and report things like how many visitors you have, when they come, where they come from, how long they stay, what pages they visit, what kind of device are they using and on and on. You can’t beat it, especially for free
  • Couldn’t help myself. I might be a little biased, but if you aren’t on this page at least semi hourly, I just don’t see how your business is going to survive…
  • Cool site where you can get actual classes from MIT online and for free- the link included here actually takes you right to their entrepreneurship page and that’s just swell…
  • This little gem is similar to the MIT site, but it is a collaboration of hundreds of classes from dozens of schools- still free!
  • These guys do a TON of stuff, but I use it to automatically send all of my tweets and Facebook posts. You can either schedule them for specific times you want them to post or auto schedule them to post automatically in a given time frame. Handy… dare I say genius…
  • I wish I had discovered this site earlier- you can get so much done here for so little!! Graphics, online marketing, music, video, programming advertising, virtual assistance, research. Basically any repetitive, time consuming task you don’t want to do can probably be outsourced here. People offer “gigs” starting at $5 with up charges if you want it faster or need more. This is the lazy geniuses paradise!!
  • Similar to Fiver, but instead of everything being a $5 gig, you just post the job you want done or search for a freelancer to do it and either pay a flat rate or hourly. This is where I go for more in depth projects. Hourly rates range from $4- $100/ hour.
  • Square is a great service that allows you to accept credit cards on your smartphone. The fees are a bit more expensive than a regular credit card machine, but is a whole lot more flexible and free to set up. Great for companies that don’t do a lot of credit card processing or want to be able to accept payment anywhere.
  • There are so many cool podcasts out there on business (including mine- Conversations with a Freaking Genius) that you don’t want to overlook this resource. Podcasts are great for working out, driving or relaxing the genius way…

So, there you have it, my list of super fun, radically genius cheap or free online resources. Probably not a comprehensive list, but definitely enough to get you started. Make sure you comment below and remark on just how smart I am and/ or leave awesome resources that I snubbed- either way, jump into the conversation!!


  1. Stevie Royal says:

    Some interesting links, many of which I will be looking into, but you have spelt the word genius incorrectly in both the title to this article and also the link for it!

  2. Timothy Collins says:

    Good article discussing the resources. It was informative and engaging.

  3. Richard Harris says:

    Online opens a world of resources covering many fields. Good article though.

  4. Samantha Ruble says:

    Fiverr has to be one of the most helpful resources you have posted. With all of my companies needs I’ve been able to get most of the stuff I’ve need there at prices no one ever dreamed true.

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