So, who is the loud mouth guy making all of these big claims of fame and fortune?

So glad you asked- my name is Mike Campion and I am the yahoo/ wizard behind Freaking Genius.

I sold my last couple of businesses and promised my amazing bride (if you saw her, you would know I am an awesome salesperson) that I wouldn’t start another “small” business as they tend to blow up into big businesses that require a lot of work as we are adopting a baby compelling me to take advantage of my semi retired status.
That said, I can only play so much golf and I still have small business blood running through my veins, so my wife and I struck a compromise. I get my entrepreneurial fix from helping small business owners explode their businesses and I don’t have to have a bunch of employees, inventory, and associated headaches of my own.


Mike Campion- The Man, the Myth, the bad dinner guest!

That’s me and welcome to my blog. I figured before you started wandering aimlessly around looking for the meaning of life or a picture of Justin Bieber punching a kitten I should introduce myself, let you know who I am, what this blog is about and why on God’s green earth you might care.

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All fine and good but what on God’s green earth does that have to do with you?

Fine question, I am so pleased you asked. It actually has two lovely benefits for you:
Benefit #1

Benefit #1

I still love to talk, eat, sleep, write and think business and all too often and the aforementioned bride gets sick of it. Hence I Conversations With A Genius Podcast and Blog were born.
  • Conversations With A Genius Podcast consists of me picking the brains of business geniuses every Monday, Wednesday and Friday where we share insider secrets on how you can grow your business
  • The Freaking Genius Blog captures all of my genius rants that I feel I must share with the world and is an amazing resource for growing your business!

  • Both of those resources are totally genius and totally free. Because I am swell.
    Benefit #2

    Benefit #2

    I work 1 on 1 with small business owners who want to become not so small business owners. I don’t have a bunch of products, up sells, down sells, etc using one product as an excuse to sell another. I only accept 12 clients at a time and I give them everything I’ve got to ensure they are absolutely blowing up their goals. Because I only accept 12 clients at a time, and I am not hard up for the money, if a client isn’t having the success I believe he or she can and should be having, I will fire em. I am committed to 100% of the people that I invest my time in to get stupid fantastic benefit.
    Enough yammering on my part- check out the podcast and blog and if you are really serious about growing your business NOW,apply for a free 15 minute consult to see if you would be a good fit to work with me 1 on 1.