About Mike Campion

Mike Campion- The Man, the Myth, the bad dinner guest !!!!!!

That’s me and welcome to my blog. I figured before you started wandering aimlessly around looking for the meaning of life or a picture of Justin Bieber punching a kitten I should introduce myself, let you know who I am, what this blog is about and why on God’s green earth you might care.

Let’s begin !!!!

I was born a poor white child in the south Phoenix ghetto and raised by an amazing single mom with no money and a whole lot of hope. I started my first business at the tender age of 22.

Fun Fact- All of my employees quit on the first day of owning my first business. Good times.

For the last 17 years I have started, built and sold businesses. I have had a ton of fun, learned a lifetime of business genius and even enjoy some pretty cool financial rewards. I have also had more than my fair share of cursing, shaking my fist at the heavens, and sitting in a ball in the corner rocking and crying. I have invested thousands of hours (and dollars) devouring books, courses, podcast, articles, blogs, and the like on how to be a successful business owner.

Before I get into a whole autobiography situation, and seeing as I have a golf game to go suck at, how about I just throw some random bullet point facts about me your way and we call it a day…

  • I am an only child
  • I have never been high or drunk (don’t judge!!)
  • I have been kicked out of casino’s for counting cards (again… no judging…)
  • I married a wife who is way too good for me and have a son in high school that is downright ok
  • I am not a fan of big taxes, big government or the DMV
  • I actually believe the Bible is God’s Word/ instruction manual and try to follow it
  • I play drums and guitar- but not well
  • I love/ hate golf and am absolutely awful at it
  • I have sold 2 businesses in the last 3 years for 7 figures each
  • I am huge Denver Bronco’s fan and have periodic warm feelings towards the Arizona Cardinals

All well and good Mike but when is this conversation going to turn into something interesting- like me?? Fine question, I like you already!! This blog is going to be everything I have learned about building multi million dollar businesses teed up on a silver platter for YOU good reader. The best part is, it is entirely FREE!

Right about now, you might be asking yourself, “Self, why would this obvious mental giant be giving away all of this hard fought blood sweat and tears know how to me, for free?”

Just by asking that, you are already falling right into my evil master plan!!! I love working with small business owners who are passionate and committed to exploding their businesses and elevating their lives. From time to time I plan on offering products and/ or coaching to business owners that I would like to work with and think that I can help- this blog will be the vehicle to build that army of potential entrepreneurs!

So, there you have it, who I am, what this blog is about, why you should care and why I am writing it.

On a final note, I can’t help but notice I have been doing all of the heavy lifting on the writing and entertaining. It’s your turn to do your part and leave a question, comment or rude remark. Let the rest of us know about you and what you are trying to accomplish! I promise I will respond and do my best to make you look cool… We are all counting on you. Go!!