3 Reasons Your Website ISN’T Making You Money

3 Reasons Your Website ISN’T Making You Money

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You might be thinking “That title sure is bitchy” and… you’re probably right. BUT… you’re also probably the proud (not for long) owner of a website NOT making you any money!!

That stops here and now my friend.

This post is going to shed some light on how to actually make a buck off of that website that up until now has just been a big cash suck.

So grab a cup of coffee (or hard liquor if you are the sensitive type) and settle in for a nice rant on why so many cleaning companies websites suck and how YOU and YOUR WEBSITE can suck no more!!

#1 Reason Your Website ISN’T Making You MONEY- It’s all about YOU


Customers couldn’t care less about you.arrogant bold self important uppity stuck up middle aged man

They care about their favorite things.

What makes them happy, what they are doing this weekend and how their life can be better. The problem is, your website is about their least favorite thing.

NOT them.  More specifically you and your company.

BONUS LOVIN: Any time you write (or speak), count how many times you say things like “I” or “we” versus “YOU”. Effective copy is chock full of “You” and has almost no “I/ Me”.

The voice inside your head might be screaming “Don’t they need to know what services I offer, pricing and every award me and my company has ever been considered for???”

Short answer- No.

You may be a step ahead of that and asking yourself a slightly more empowering question “How do I actually do that?”

Let’s start with the reason they are visiting your website. Now that you know it is NOT to find out about you, your company and why you are the best, nicest people on the face of the earth, here are a couple more likely  reasons…

  • They have a pain they want solved
  • They want information to help them make a buying decision
  • They are looking to accomplish something they hope you can help them with

They are looking for information, but often not the information you are giving them. You are likely blabbing on about things like:

  • How long you have been in business (they don’t care)
  • How they can talk to a salesperson (they would rather not)
  • How great you are (they definitely don’t care)

Here are some topics that you might have a little better luck with:

  • How you can help them achieve their goals
  • How you can save them frustration
  • How you can make them feel significant and/ or important

Hopefully you have noticed that this isn’t just another blog on websites- it is specifically written to small business owners. I can speak specifically to your exact needs and frustrations, you in turn are often compelled to give me copious amounts of money to help you grow your business. Works for me and it can work for you!

The best way to segment your customers is to have multiple sites each one speaking to a very specific customer. For example, if you were a residential cleaning company,  you might build mini websites around:

  • Stay at Home Moms

  • Million Dollar Homes

  • Single Men

  • Families w/ children

  • Double income households (both parents work)

Each of these segments is going to have different needs and wants and each site can be specifically named for a specific market segment. Which do you think is more appealing to the owner of a multi million dollar homeowner in Los Angeles??




Who do you think is going to get the bid- a general cleaning company or someone that specializes in million dollar home maintenance??

BONUS LOVIN: The more you specialize and niche down, the less price resistance you get…

If you aren’t willing to make multiple websites for each segment you serve (or want to serve), at the very least make a page within your main website speaking to each.

Now that you see the value in talking to prospects about their specific hopes dreams and fears- how do you keep the conversation going? So glad you asked, this sets us up perfectly for…

#2 Reason Your Website ISN’T Making You MONEY- You DON’T Have a PLAN


Just about every small business owner thinks that as long as their website “looks good” and has a “Contact Us” button they are covered. Now that you are armed with the yummy client getting goodness of this blog, you are armed with tremendous opportunity!

A click to your website can’t be the end goal. A new customer is the goal. Prospects stopping by your website is just a piece of your client acquisition plan. Your current plan might be something along the lines of hoping they come to your website and call, email or come in. If they don’t, you have done all you can and you hope tomorrow will be better. There is a better way my friend…

We talked earlier about your customer wanting information. Here is how you give it to them. Gather your absolute best stuff and package it into a book, ebook, report, consumer buyers guide, or Top 10 Things you MUST Know Before Hiring a INSERT YOUR BUSINESS HERE. Get someone on www.fiverr.com to create a nice cover for it and do a little interior design so it looks good and you my friend have yourself what we in the biz like to call a “Lead Magnet”. 

FREAKING-GENIUS-STACKED-BOOKThe ULTIMATE lead magnet is a book as us authors get all sorts of authority and credibility just by being an author. You may have seen my book on this site and should definitely pick up a copy!! 

 You are going to offer to send this lead magnet to your web visitor in exchange for his or her email address. Once you have the email address you will follow up with a series of emails continuing to provide massive value to your prospect over the next 60 days.

Not only will the emails provide lots of education and content (all of which will position you as the ONLY choice in your market), you will continue including offers for more engagement with your company culminating in trading your product or service for sweet, sweet money…

I know, this all sounds like a lot of work…

Because it is…


You are going to write this series of 5-10 emails one time and set them up to go out automatically (meaning without any involvement/ work on your part) every time someone signs up for your “Lead Magnet”.

The fact that it is a bit of work to set up actually benefits you as your competition is almost certainly NOT providing this level of service and education.

Just when you think the fun is over, the party continues…

What if the visitor doesn’t take advantage of your kind offer to give them fantastic info for the low low price of their email address? Another great question- you are on a roll now!!

You deploy another super fantastic weapon called retargeting. Using Facebook, you can put what’s called a “pixel” on your website that tags visitors to your site.

Once they have visited, you send Facebook ads exclusively to people that have visited your website. Because that is a small but targeted list (they have already been to your website), you get a MUCH higher conversion rate then with “cold” ads. The return on investment can get nutty with these bad boys!

Knowing you and all of the amazing questions you have been asking, I am going to take a wild guess that you are thinking at this very moment- “I get almost no traffic to my site and it’s not worth all of that headache for the tiny amount of traffic I get- I guess it won’t work for me…”

You my friend have set yourself up for…

#3 Reason Your Website ISN’T Making You MONEY- It’s A Ghost Town


Rhyolite Ghost TownNice job on staying with me- this is where we turn all of these monster concepts into your next customer with an old friend-Paid Traffic. You may have dabbled in paid traffic before and not had any luck, but I am willing to bet that was before you read this article and your site was guilty of the first two offenses we covered…

Now that you are speaking to your visitor and you have a plan to capture his or her information and continue the conversation both via email and the magic of retargeting, you can  spend money to get people to your site with a reasonable expectation of making a buck.

Not knowing your business, let’s be conservative and use an example where an average customer is worth $2,000. To make my life easy and avoid any real math, let’s say that you make 50% margin on that customer which would be $1,000 in gross profit.

In this scenario, you could spend $300, $400 even $500 to acquire this customer and it would be a profitable endeavor. if you aren’t great at Facebook advertising or Google AdWords and it costs you $5 to get someone to your page, that means you can send 100 visitors to your page for $500.

If only 30% download your lead magnet, you have just acquired 30 pretty interested leads for just $500. If only 33% of the people who download your lead magnet contact your company, you just got 10 leads at $50 each, close half of them and the $500 you just spent in traffic looks a lot like $5,000 in grow profit. 

Now that might take you months to get the right lead magnet, the right ad and the right follow up system in place, but the beauty of Facebook is SCALABILITY. Once you have your funnel in place, it is just as easy to spend $500/ day as it is $5/ day and when every dollar spent is 5 or 10 in gross profit, it’s a happy day!

Another reason I recommend Facebook is it’s tremendous ability to target an EXACT audience.  You can specify things like:

  • Location (close to your office)
  • Homeowner or renter
  • Creditworthiness
  • Business size and type
  • Job Title
  • Income
  • Age/ Gender
  • People who “Like” Your page
  • People who “Like” a competitor’s page
  • People who have visited your web page

You can even upload your best 100 customers and prospects and Facebook will make a “lookalike” audience that matches your ideal audience’s likes, demographics and more.

Just in case your head is spinning, here is a nice little summary to make you feel warm and fuzzy and make sure you take these concepts and put em to work in your business!

  1. Visitors to your website don’t care about you. They care about THEM- talk to them accordingly

  2. Have a process to capture visitor information and continue the conversation after they leave

  3. Send traffic and start adding clients

If you have any questions or would like more help, shoot me an email at: mike@TheFreakingGenius and I will email you back with something very smart sounding.  If you think your question could benefit the universe, just leave a comment and I will respond to you and all passersby…

FREAKING-GENIUS-STACKED-BOOKP.S. Remember the your best info you give away as a lead magnet? I don’t just tell you how to do all this, I practice what I preach. If you want my best stuff- sign upfor your  copy of “I’m a Freaking Genius, Why is This Business So Hard?” Here and I will hook you up!!

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